I'm currently trying to use Vis.JS Timeline. Part of my solution is allowing users to manipulate the data on the timeline and for that I need to be able to use the events in my application. Is there a way to do this? Can I map Javascript events to screen or server actions (this seem strange though) for example? I tried finding any documentation about this and search the forums but couldn't find any information about this.

Event examples: https://visjs.org/examples/timeline/interaction/eventListeners.html




Hi Vincent,

I assume you're building a web app, and not a mobile app, since this would be easy in a mobile app.

On a web app, you can place a web block from RichWidgets called FakeNotify and then use a platform javascript function OsNotify(webBlockId, message) to trigger a screen action.

I hope this helps.


Hi Joao,

It's indeed for a web app. I'll look into it, thanks for the suggestion.

I have been able to use the "FakeNotify" together with the "Deprecated_NotifyGetMessage" to hook into javascript events. Thanks, this really solved a big issue for me :) 

Example for visjs Timeline. This needs to be loaded in your current screen;

  1. Drop the FakeNotify block in your screen and name it VisJSEvents
  2. Create the javascript show in the screenshot and put that into a "RunJavaScript" server action in the preparation flow;
  3. Create an OnNotify flow with the "Deprecated_NotifyGetMessage" server action and do your magic there.

That's it.  I does scare me a bit that the bits that I now need to use are Deprecated and I wasn't able to find new versions available. Lets hope that this doesn't cause any issues in the upcoming versions.