[VISJSTimeline] Allow multiple timelines on the same webscreen
Forge component by Ricardo Gonzaga
Published on 10 Mar 2020


I would like to have multiple timelines on the same screen (for proces time comparisons and such). This is currently not working because the module is using a static variable javascript names for the timeline, options and items. Can this be changed so that these names are variable?

If needed I can join the team and make these changes myself (including the version upgrade requested previously today).  

Kind regards,


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Should be Nice Vincent ! Could you also include my request for the events? (sorry for my brutality)

Hi Ineke,

I have send a request to join the team. I hope that they respond to that request. The things I want to add is a newer version, multiple instances and event handling (as I also need those badly). Since I run OS10 currently I can't add the native event handlers that are in OS11 webblocks. But the groundwork should be in place so it shouldn't be hard to add this functionality when I figured out how to do so (perhaps I can use my private environment for that).

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Hi Vincent.

I'm adding you to the team, so you can evolve the component.

Thank you,

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@Vincent the OnNotify is depricated so it's very likely it will be ended soon. 

We run OS11 and we have a lot of worry's when this OnNotify will be gone......

Hi Ineke,

I read that although the OnNotify is deprecated they don't have a alternative for all other use cases. There are some forum threads that go a bit deeper into that, couldn't find them at this time. So even though it is deprecated it not sure that this component will be removed soon (or even at all). If it will be removed it will be in a major version but that doesn't mean it is the next one (12). 

I'm currently working on some extensions but since we are still working with Outsystems 10 (at least for the next couple of months) my version will probably be published for version 10. After that I will work on a Outsystems 11 version in my private environment that can make use of the new Event methods in web blocks. I have no ETA though.

Are the multiple timelines on the same screen and the event handling added in the new version 11 release?

Hi Parma,

I never got back to a project that needed this component so I never got around to making it. I am however fiddling around with a Reactive version based on the new VisJS Timeline sources but this is a slow proces due to time constraints. 

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for the update!