[VISJSTimeline] Allow multiple timelines on the same webscreen

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Published on 2017-04-19 by Jorge Martins
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Published on 2017-04-19 by Jorge Martins


I would like to have multiple timelines on the same screen (for proces time comparisons and such). This is currently not working because the module is using a static variable javascript names for the timeline, options and items. Can this be changed so that these names are variable?

If needed I can join the team and make these changes myself (including the version upgrade requested previously today).  

Kind regards,


Should be Nice Vincent ! Could you also include my request for the events? (sorry for my brutality)

Hi Ineke,

I have send a request to join the team. I hope that they respond to that request. The things I want to add is a newer version, multiple instances and event handling (as I also need those badly). Since I run OS10 currently I can't add the native event handlers that are in OS11 webblocks. But the groundwork should be in place so it shouldn't be hard to add this functionality when I figured out how to do so (perhaps I can use my private environment for that).

Hi Vincent.

I'm adding you to the team, so you can evolve the component.

Thank you,