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In a mobile app how can we control user session timeout? Does GetUserId() actually makes a server call to see if session was timed out ? How it owls in offline mode? 

Use case is that we want to have user religion after say 10 min of inactivity. We have a data to sync. So if user if offline and makes changes that need to be synced, left app for 1 hour, then opens the app - what is the best practise to see if he is still authenticated on server to perform sync and avoid data loss if server side user session was timed out?


Hi Mykola (Nick) Tkachenko,

The Max Idle Time is Number of minutes between server calls that a user authentication is recognized by the server as being valid




There is no concept of session for a mobile app. 

However you can use persistent login settings for ensuring the user to perform sync and other operations after a long time of inactivity. 

Alternatively if you don't use persistent login, you can set the Max Idle Time in Session Login Settings to say 10 minutes after which the user will have to login again.

Check the below link for more information



Hello. I dont have this option on my Service Center.. how to enable this Mobile Applications Authentication?

Users are complaining that the timeous is too short, so I need to check how it's set at the moment.

Thank you in advance

Regards, Carolina

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