Java CXF library in extension


I am writing a Java extension that will send SOAP requests to the server protected by Kerberos. Our page made in Outsystems uses CXF in order to communicate with the server - but I cannot integrate the extension with Outsystems due to error:

Caused by: JBAS015599: Apache CXF library (cxf-rt-ws-security-3.2.7.jar) detected in ws endpoint deployment; either provide a proper deployment replacing embedded libraries with container module dependencies or disable the webservices subsystem for the current deployment adding a proper jboss-deployment-structure.xml descriptor to it. The former approach is recommended, as the latter approach causes most of the webservices Java EE and any JBossWS specific functionality to be disabled."}

Do you have any suggestions, how can I use CXF in custom extension? I guess that changing the configuration of JBOSS is bad idea?

Might this help?

Or have you already found another solution to your issue? If so, please update with the solution you found.