I had developed on a previous version of OutSystems when the results from a Webblock are returned by the Notify process. I see this is now deprecated, replaced by Run Client Action. I'm developing a web app, not a mobile app.

I found this documentation https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Developing_an_Application/Design_UI/Reuse_UI/Propagate_Changes_From_a_Block_to_the_Parent

Which is exactly what I want to do. In different areas, however, it still says that Run Client Action is only available in mobile. I can't seem to find the Run Client Action in the web version. I selected Manage Dependencies, found the Client Actions tab, but they are grayed out and unavailable.

How do I add these to my project? I'm on deadline this morning, so it is very important to get an aswer to this.




There are no client actions in the web app. If you need to notify the parent in OS11 you need to use a block event. 


Hi Stephanie,

If you click on the webblock that you pretend to notify the parent, you can create an event easily.

After that don't forget to drag it to the action that will notify the parent. You can also create input parameters to pass the information you need to the parent.

I hope you found this is helpful to you,


Thank you, problem solved.