Hi, this is our first post on this forum, so please be gentle :)

We are pretty new to Outsystems and we are still finding our way around. I have a question about how best to implement an XML conversion into a new structure.

In previous projects we have used Altova Mapforce to map XML structures  against each other. The result of this mapping is an XSLT file. I was wandering if we can do something similar in Outsystems and if so how would be best to implement.

The senario is;

- we receive an XML file from a customer

- we need to transform this structure into another format

- send the new format onto another department.

Thanks a lot in advance for the support


I'd recommend that you use your name. To establish relationships, it is best to have one account per person than a shared account.

About XML there is a full library in OS to read/write/transform. Go to Manage Dependencies and choose on the left XML.

On the right side you will see all the available options. One of them is XslTransorm that allows you to apply some XSLT to XML and return a new XML.

I've never used it like that, but I know of a person who integrated EDI files in OutSystems so it probably does everything you'll ever need.

Hi Nuno,

Thanks for the quick response, very helpful.

I have been also to locate the resources you highlighted and brought them into my application. However, with my/our limited Outsystems knowledge at this moment we are struggling to know "how" to use the functionality.

Do you know of any tutorials which could help us on our way?



Unfortunately that part of the documentation is not very complete. It is basically trial and error.

There is one article on XPath


And this useful info about working with XML and RecordLists


Everything else I found back then were examples in forge components. I don't remember which ones and no longer have access to that client.

I may write an article about it if I get a project that will need it, but I'm avoiding XSLT for as long as I can now.

Hi Nuno,

I I have been playing about with the solution you suggested however I have not been able to get this to work. I am getting an exception when I put the data through the "Xsl_Transform". the error I get is very specific to the file I am using but not too sure where to start looking.

Exception Message:

'$var49_INVOIC__/*:IDOC[fn:namespace-uri() eq '']/*:E1EDK01[fn:namespace-uri() eq '']/*:EIGENUINR[fn:namespace-uri() eq '']' is an invalid XPath expression. An error occurred at (22,21).

If someone could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.


Do you need to refer the namespaces? I've mapped SAP invoices and /INVOIC/IDOC/E1EDK01... was enough.

I am not sure what is causing the issue. I can see that the line of text in the error above is in my XSLT but I have no idea what is wrong.

we use a tooling called Altova mapforce to generate the XSLT file.


Hi Nuno,

I think we have got to the bottom of our issue. The XSLT file we were using was of version 2.0, it appears that this function only supports 1.0.

I am not sure by who the function was created but would it be possible to know if/when 2.0 would be supported? I have also seen this question raised in a different post:


Thanks again for the help