Query input parameter does not update when publish

I'm having an internal error due to Error executing query, but I found out that the query does not update after I publish it.

Query inside my studio platform:

[1] Error executing query.
   at ssBCP_Modules.Flows.FlowHotListReport.WBlkHotlistReportWB.FuncssPreparation.QueryGetHotlistReport(HeContext heContext, Int32 maxRecords, IterationMultiplicity multiplicity, Int64& outParamCount, DateTime qpdaGenerationDate, String qpstOrderBy, String qpstRoleParam, String qpstClusterParam, String qpstIndustryParam, String qpstAgencyParam, String qpstAnalystParam, String qpstCompanyParam, String qpstDispositionIdOtherReason, String qpstIsConsolidated)

I already deleted this input parameters but does not reflect after I publish it.

Looking for an advice, thank you very much.

Maybe you can write a new query and use that  and delete this query. 

Sometimes I find this sync issues too(Maybe due to Network issues or server not responding at that time). I wait for few hours reconnect and it starts to work.


Hello Gerrick,

It seems to me that you have your SQL in one module and is using the Action/Screen Action where the SQL is located from a consumer module.

If so, you need to refresh dependences on the Consumer Module and publish the consumer module in order to it to use the newer version of the producer module.



Hi Eduardo,

Thank you very much! It works now perfectly!