How do I tell if the user input a Date, Int, Float, or TEXT?

I have a text field and I need to know if the value the user entered into the field is a Date or a number or not.

How do I do that in outsystems?

SQL Server has isNumeric(@input) and isDate(@input), but this doesn't fly in an aggregate

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Search.DataType="VARCHAR" or (isnumeric(SearchString) and Search.DataType="INT")  or (isdate(SearchString) and Search.DataType="DATE")

What will fly?



Maybe for your case you can use built-in functions like TextToDateTimeValidate(Text) / TextToDateValidate(Text) and TextToIntegerValidate(Text), just to know if you're getting what you pretend check here the built-in functions available. Another solution, already presented on the comment above is using regex for what you pretend.

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Thank you, yes, the TextToDateValidate and TextToIntegerValidate are the functions I was looking for, so I marked that as the solution. In the meantime, I converted my aggregate to an Advanced SQL like this, in case it helps anyone else later...

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SELECT {Search}.* from {Search} where
{Search}.DataType='VARCHAR' or (isnumeric(@SearchString)=1 and {Search}.DataType='INT')  or (isdate(@SearchString)=1 and {Search}.DataType='DATE')

You can try to use regular expressions