How can I add or create Reference?

I was trying to follow this guide,, and I cannot find any means to add or create a reference. How can I do that?

I have installed the OutSystems Now plugin and through Manage Dependences, I added the dependencies but for some reason I cannot find IsUsingOutSystemsNowApp() method (following step 9 of the link above). I also tried to use OutSystemsNow.IsUsingOutSystemsNowApp() too. Both gives the error "Unknown object 'IsUsingOutSystemsNowApp' in expression.

I am using OutSystems


Hi Cristopher,

You can add references in this button 

Than you can use this menu to add the reference that you want




Hi Christopher,

Press Ctrl+Q or Click on Manage Dependencies icon.

Search "Outsystems Now" and then Search your function(Remember to Select "Show All" in both the dropdowns). Select it & click on OK.

Thank you both of you for your help