I am doing the "Build a Web App in 2 Hours" training. Part of it is embedding Google Maps. 

I am following the instruction quite literally, and have repeated it several times, but in the resulting webapp Google Maps doesn't appear. What I have done so far:

-I have tried several browsers

- done several times a cache clearing

- entered a valid Google Maps Key (and removed it again)

... nothing of these helped.

Does anyone have a clue what is going wrong?

Included the screens of the Studio and of the resulting webapp.

Can you share the OML file ?

Please remove the Google key before saving and sharing.

No Javascript Errors ?

here is the oml file


Just tested your oml. Works fine for me. (oml seems good)

Though it asked me to update the dependencies.(Especially Google Maps)

Please try refreshing your Google maps dependencies and try again.

1. Check if you have Javascript errors in Browsers console.

2. Try in a different Machine with the same oml

3. check if by VPN or Any other means that Google maps is Blocked  in your machine ?


Thnx Code Kamath, that helped!

I had to re-publish the Google Maps plugin itself.