Log retention period in OutSystems 11 PaaS


In the document for ver.10, I can find the following lines.

Old log tables are cleaned after their retention period passes, defined in OutSystems Configuration Tool - preparing them for later use. The retention period configured in OutSystems PaaS is 9 weeks.


However, I can not find the information about ver.11 PaaS.
Is this still 9 weeks in OutSystems 11 PaaS?


In outsystems 11 logs keep working the same way. They are configured in configuration tool. The default retention time is 4 weeks but you can increase to a maximum of 9 weeks.



Hello Marcelo,

Thank you for comment.

Configuration tool you mentioned is for only on-premise environment, isn't it?
I want to know about OutSystems PaaS.  Of course, I am also thinking things about PaaS are probably the same as on-premise.  If you know where the document about it for OutSystems 11 PaaS is, please let me know it.