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Published on 7 Jan by Amal Raj
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Published on 7 Jan by Amal Raj

I have 2 questions

1. SSRS is supported Single sign on right?

2. if question1 is supported  then how to get information from outsystems to SSRS.


This component does not support Single Sign on. One needs to provide explicit credentials to SSRS server for this to function.

Thank you for developing and sharing.  We use SSRS and use Reportviewer control in ASP.net web forms.

Very excited about trying to use this.  Any documentation for the input parameters?  I think I can figure them out, but just thought I would ask.

Hello Larry, 

Check out this basic sample to test the SSRS report viewer component. 

Hope this helps. !!!

Thank you Amal!  I will try this in next 1-2 days.

Hi Amal,

What is the resourceDownloadPath?

I can't get it to run.  Our dev and test environments are in the cloud.  Wondering if the control can't find our report server.  I think all other parameters are correct, since we use SSRS extensively.


Sometimes there will be images present in SSRS reports. While calling the SSRS API we get stream ids for such images which we download and keep it in a table.  Then 'resourceDownloadPath' is inserted in to the html generated and send it back to the browser for rendering. So these images are downloaded seperately using the resourceDownloadPath url. You can use the value ("/"+ "SSRSReportViewer" + "/ImgDel.aspx") as is in the  resourceDownloadPath. 

The reason your repots are not working could be it is not finding the SSRS report server. If you have enterprise edition you could connect to your internal network by VPN provided as part of the LifeTime. 

Hello Larry,

Is it working now .



Hello Amal,

I have not tried yet, I am out of town until 03/05.  If I may give a bit more information - our Development and Testing environments are in cloud and our Production is on-premise.  

Our Outsystems cloud environments already have access to our internal databases, but might have difficulty when accessing SSRS Reportserver over HTTP.  I have a request to our firewall team to check our ports allowed for the Outsystems VPN.

Regarding the component, I did try a SQL Server account and Windows domain account, but both did not work.  I tried to debug but could not find the correct place to breakpoint and view some kind of message.  Where can I set breakpoint to view what the error is after the 'Load Report' button is pressed.

Thank you again.


        Can you provide an example of SSRS Report Viewer that can be opened directly? I just want to prove that it works?