Hi Team,

I have a doubt, I can see lots of Log statements in Android Studio. PFA

 Please help us to hide/disable that logs which are showing in LogCat .

Hello Rajesh,

You should post this probably as an idea. However, following what I know those sensite logs are not available YET. In the future, OutSystems will launch this feature to see a detailed log. For now, we just can download a minimalist log report when the APK Generation goes wrong on Service Center.

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What sensitive information are we talking about here?

The logs there don't seem to have anything sensitive.


João Rosado

Hi Tiago Gomes & João Rosado,

We want to disable these Logs, is there any way to do that ? if yes, please help us to close this issue.


If this is really problem you should open a support ticket. The foruns help does not replace it.

Personaly even if there is a way to turn them off I do not recommend it.

Logs are not supposed to contain any sensive information. If you gind a particular line that is sensitive you can open a support ticket to be evaluated an if its in fact sensitive to get that particular information removed.

The log above, in my opinion, contains no sensitive information.

The application logs (in particular the cache ones) are very important to thoubleshoot problems in the app. Without them, OutSystems may not be able to help you if you get a severe problem in production when updating the app.


João Rosado