Convert Excel file to Text file


       My requirement is to convert the excel file into text file and read the contents of the text file and fetch few values from the text file and use them for further processing. Please let me know how to convert excel file to text file in outsystems. Thanks


Hi Sanjareswari,

Why do you need a text file layer here? Anyway, I think you can accomplish your goal with an Excel To Record List action. Read your excel first and go from there. 

Hi Roman,

        Thanks for the reply. My Excel sheet is not in order. It has some content like Paragraph initially and then Header starts from 4th line,few headers displays in 4th and 5th lines and then values starts 6th line. I need to read only values from the 6th line. How can I acheive this using Excel To Record List? I tried using Excel To Record List. It reads from first line. Is there any other forge component to read the Excel from the specified line?. Please let me know.


Hi Sankareswari Muthiah,

For your requirements, you probably will need to use something like the Advanced Excel forge component.