[Shared Preferences Plugin] Feedback

Forge Component
Published on 4 Jan by Amal Raj
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Published on 4 Jan by Amal Raj


Useful plugin. Just some feedback:

  • It's best to create an application for this plugin and upload the .OAP file to Forge instead of the bare module.
  • You should specify a version when using a git link, otherwise new changes to the plugin might break compatibility with our OutSystems applications. If it's not possible (e.g. the original author didn't create any releases), then it's always best to download the .zip file and add as a Resource to the OutSystems module.
  • Actions could have less generic names (e.g. SharedPreferencesClear instead of "Clear") to avoid conflict with existing Actions in other apps.
  • Icon could be more interesting :-)

I wish it were compatible with P10, though, but that's understandable.



Thank you very much for the valuable feedback.

I will act on your feedback soon.