How to add double quotes in a string ?

Need to know how can I add a string "Ashish" to a variable name that it's value would be :

Name (datatype text) = "Ashish" (value)

as Name = ""Ashish"" would not work for obvious reasons.


Hi Ashish,

Try Name = """Ashish""" (So three double quotes)

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Hi Ashish,

When you put two double quotes the expression validator will understand you are trying concatenate a blank space plus Ashish variable plus a blank space, but it's not validate because there are no the plus (+) between then.

If you put three quote, like Nordin said, expression will be validate.

I hope helped you.

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Maycon Silva


If you want to do something with a variable that don't have quotes and want to add to it, you can do like this to:

The principle is the same that Nordin and Maycon told here, but with variables.



Hey All

Thanks for your inputs I do realize that the two double quotes in the start give it a empty string that is up for a concatenation, I actually am trying to run an API in which, in the onBeforeRequest action need to append the JSON for payload to the CustomisedRequest.Text and since the JSON always has double quotes I am not sure how to pass them. I would love to give more inputs if needed.

Thanks for all your answers!!