[OUTSYSTEMS].DBO.[OSSYS_USER_T20] with key 0 was not found

Sometimes when I open the app I see the following error: [OUTSYSTEMS].DBO.[OSSYS_USER_T20] with key 0 was not found. I can't reproduce it constantly and it happens very rarely, but I was wondering if anyone had faced this problem before. 

Hello Roman,

To see a detailed error, please go to service center and check where is that happening. After that just debug the app when you open it and check why it's happening like that. I would say that when you open the application you're doing something with the UserId (Update, Create) and it's passing that value as NullIdentifier() that'll trigger that error.

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It happen to me in the past using the function GetUserId() from a Timer.

Probably you are using this function in a asynchronous action (Timer or Process).




Luis, I think you might be right. I found one place where I call a server action which uses GetUserId() inside a process. However, I'm not positive why I am not getting this error constantly.