Outsystems 11.

Whilst trying to apply the "popup_infoballoon" web block onto my application, I receive the following error message from OS:-

'Cannot scaffold: "OSMDb" theme does not have the info balloon layout web block set.'

I am currently in the scaffolding and RichWidgets exercise of the Developing Outsystems Web Applications guided path - building OSMDb, and following the exercise instructions to the letter.

Thanks. L

Lee Rowley,

i never used OS11,

 but problably you need to update references, and include "popup_infoballoon".

Best Regards

In this case you need to set up a web block with the Info Balloon Layout for your Theme



Thanks for responses - it seems that these are not included in all themes in OS11.

Therefore you may need to manually manage dependencies to RichWidgets in OS11 if you intend to use them.

This is apparently not an issue in OS9 or 10, where the web application course makes no mention of the need to do so.