Can't upload change of Interface Action at producer module from consumer module

I can't upload change of Interface Client Action at producer module from consumer module.

I think it's a bug.

1. edit Interface Client Action at producer module

2. upload it (it says "consumer module is outdated")

3. check dependencies from consumer module (it has no change)

4. upload consumer module (it says "eSpace version already present in the server"; this is what it is)

5. Its behavior isn't changed :-(

Service Studio v11.0.208.0

Thanks for your replying.

Yeah, no problem with that.

Oh, I misunderstood.

#4 is what it is.

But, #5 annoy me...

Hello Yatima

I wasn't able to reproduce your problem.

I did the following steps.

1. Create Producer Module
2. Added simple public Client Action with one input and output parameter.
3. Published.
4. Created Consumer Module
5. Made the reference to the Producer public client action
6. Create a Client Action using it
7. Published
8. Went back to producer module and add a new mandatory input parameter in the public client action
9. Published (received warning of potentially outdated in consumer)
10. In consumer, tried to publish, it gives an error
11. Refreshed reference and add value to the input parameter in the calling action.
12. Publish Producer.

Everything is fine.

What you are doing differently from me?