Our team has been on OutSystems long enough now that we are running into issues with performance. Many of those issues have been resolved by:

a) Cleaning out the ESPACE_VERSION database

b) Deleting old Business Processes

Are there any other routine maintenance operations that we should be considering as our database grows?

One thing I know needs to be done routinely on almost any database is Reindexing. How do we reindex our tables in OutSystems. Typically I'd use dbcc reindex in SQL Server, but DBCC is not available to cloud hosted customers. Is there another way to do the same thing?

Hi PJ,

I'm not an expert on this theme, but one thing you can add to the Index Rebuild Routine it is also update the database statistics. 

I found this Outsystems article about SQL server best practices and maintenance plans that maybe can help you a bit : Link.

Best Regards,

Diogo Romero

I asked OS Support team about this too and they said they do index rebuilds and db tuning on a regular basis. I wonder if they update statistics at the same time?