Outsystems Cloud Lifetime server to access on premise Environments


We have an ongoing project and part of that is a VPN service from Outsystems cloud where the LifeTime environment will be deployed to. 

The connection to the On-Premise environment servers will have to go through Internal firewalls that will have policies set to them. 

With regards to lifetime accessing the On premise environment, I saw on this link https://success.outsystems.com/Support/Archive/11/OutSystems_Platform_network_requirements

that you need to allow 80 and 443 between the environments. 

Now my question is, if there is already already a VPN service in place. will I need to get the actual server IP of the LifeTime Environment or just the Private IP range of the whole Cloud PaaS? , so that I can define source and destination port policies in the On premise Internal firewalls 




Hi John,

I highly suggest that you reach out to support/cloud ops in order to get the right information for your setup. There are a lot of variable in play and at the end of the day, they will be your best contact for accurate information for your particular setup.