Hi All 

I am trying to get the prompt value of the date input widget to default to CurrDate() as opposed to the (1900/01/01) you get. 

I have tried changing the following properties: 

Null Value, Prompt and even Initial Date value (Input_Calendar) 

None of these changes helped, when a new form is rendered, the date still prompts =   (1900/01/01)

I am sure the answer is simple and I am just not getting it. 

Please help


Hi Craig,

In the preparation you just need to assign the currdate() to the variable you are using  in the input widget.



Hello Craig,

As is stated in the link @Investor provide, and explicitly told by @Marcelo, what you need is to guarantee, in the preparation of the page, that the variable assigned to the input receives the desired value (CurrDate()).

I would like to expand the answer though, as you can face some problems.

1. The NullValue property is a value that will tell the system that the user did not enter a value. So, if NullValue property is set to CurrDate, this means that if the user types the CurrDate in the input, at the moment of submitting the data to the Server, the server will interpret it as if it was not defined. As the opposite, if the variable associated with the input has the CurrDate, the page will not show it, as the system will interpret as not set. 

2. If your Input is bound to a Local Variable (set at the page level) or a Session Variable, setting its value in the preparation will be enough. But if your input is associated with the Record of a Form, you MUST change the value at the SOURCE of the form, as if you set the value directly in the Form.Record, the value will be overwritten when the Form is constructed and it fetches the data from its source. For example, if the Form's source is the current of the output list of an aggregate, you need to set the value of the date in this current in the preparation, so when the form is built, it will use this value.

Hope this helps clarify a little the situation.


There is even a easier way where you create a local variable and in the default property insert "CurrDateTime()". Download the sample. 

Thank you all!