[AG-Grid] How can I implement a widget inside a cell in ag-Grid

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Published on 22 Jan by João Sousa
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Published on 22 Jan by João Sousa


Is it possible to have a button/link inside cell in ag-Grid? How can I implement it in outsystems? I have gone through the ag-Grid example e-space, it contains only grouping/sorting etc., but in the website https://www.ag-grid.com/ there are so many functionalities are there. I want to implement a grid in outsystems as like in the website. Is it possible? 

Can someone point me to any instructions on how to implement this?


Anjitha Mohan

Hi Anjitha, 

The tutorial of AG-Grid is here.

You have several examples and how-to's. Was in fact from them that I have created this wrapper.

Hope it helps.