Install and open other native apps from outsystems

I am trying to open an native app from the outsystems on a button click. The other app is developed using react native. When I click a button in outsystems it should identify the mobile type android/ios and open the respective react native app. If the third party app is not installed, the user should prompted to install that app.  How can I make it possible through outsystems.?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Kaarthick,

Have you try App Laucher Plugin Components. Hope this works for you.


Are you talking about a webpage or a Mobile App ?

If your link is in a Mobile webpage. 

For Android : Here is a sample 

try opening the above link in Mobile browser and click on this links with App Installed or uninstalled to see Diffrence.

You will have to Add Intents in your React App.

Here is some Details on it

For IPhone : If found Answers here.

For Mobile Detection, use Javascript Lib Like 

You can write a Javascript so that Based on Mobile Os you can Hide or show links for Android or Iphone

Note : I have not tested this on Iphone or other Devices as I don't have Iphone. Please test them on out own as per your requirment

I think you need to take a look at