Can view a PDF in Preview In Devices, but not natively


I have read through all of the posts I could find on this and am unfortunately stuck.

In the mobile application I am working on I would need to be able to view a PDF that I have stored as Binary Data, if I create a HTML iframe and give it the property of src with the below value

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I have converted the binary data to base 64 and saved it in a local variable named base64 by this point.
When this iframe is viewed on any screen in my application through the Preview in devices page after publishing, everything works perfectly, however, I simply get a blank rectangle on the native app I have installed on my device.
Are there any non forge based solutions?

The simple answer is No. You require a PDF viewer of some sort on the device to display a PDF. IT work on your Preview In Devices because your browser somehow  knows how to display a PDF directly.

You can either use a javascript solution like pdfJS or go with mobile plugins to use the in app browser or maybe with File Viewer Plugin

Okay, I suppose I will have to go through a forge component.
Thank you