I know there is are several ideas for support for creating structures from XSD (since 2010); but there isn't yet.

Does anyone know a workaround?

Hi Matthias, 

you can create it by hand of course ;-). 

But other ideas might be

1. use tools to create structures based on your xsd in visual studio (like tools like jaxb do for java). Put it into an extension which you consume. And perhaps copy paste the structures to your espace.

2. based on idea 1, but create a webservice in visual studio and consume it in outsystems.

3. go downstairs and talk about it ;-)



You could google for an online XSD to JSON converter, then use the JSON to create the Structure.



Created a XML from the XSD with http://xsd2xml.com/

and than converted it to JSON with https://www.freeformatter.com/xml-to-json-converter.html#ad-output

Ah, a two-step rocket :). Great it worked!