I have created an application in our company cloud dev environment and would like to know how I assign users to the application to enable them to login to the application, I have the Administrator role for the application but am unable to login to https://<environment>/Users?

I have read all of the documentation around the user management functionality but seem to be missing something :(

I am using Outsystems

Hi Vincy,

What the error you are getting?


Rajat Agrawal

Hi Vince

There are two ways to set up users for your application

 1. Programmaticaly create a user in the System "User" table, set up a role(es) for your application and grant every user you register to you application that role. You can get an idea of how to set up a "Register" flow for your application from this component.

 2. Through the Outsystems Users app:

To access the Users app you need a registered Outsystems Application users (which is different from ServiceCenter/Lifetime users) with either the "User Manager" or "Superuser" Role. I believe that every platform implementation gets a defualt user with these characteristics set up so that you can access this app.

If you do not know the default user administrator for your environment I would recommend going directly to Outsystems Support, as they will be the only ones able to reset that user for you.

Hope this helps!


Hi Vince,

Did you try admin/admin? If this didn't work and because support can take a while, what you can do is add the role to your user programmatilly. To accomplish this look into the user table the id of your user, in the role table look for the id of role UserManager. with both id you can inset those into user_role entity that is located on system. After that you will be able to access users application



Thanks All, my problem was that I only had a LifeTime/ServiceCenter user, All sorted now