How to preview excel/word/visio/ppt file types in oustsytems

I want to provide preview of excel/word/visio/ppt file types in oustsytems. Currently it is possible with image type and PDF files type.

I need to save the binary content in Outsystems and provide them for preview, I have seen some posts mentioning about saving binary in another site(Oustide OutSystems) as respective file types and providing the url to be shown on Outsystem webscreen. I cannot use this approach due to policy considerations.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

Hi Suresh,

Assuming you have a Web App, you can't do that. Browsers provide handling for images directly, and I think most browsers also have a way to display PDFs (though typically only in a seperate window or tab), but browsers don't provide preview functionality for Microsoft Office files.

There is a Office Viewer from Microsoft, you can use this in an IFrame. 

Note : You might need to have the Document Online. And its only Read Only Mode

Sample :

How to use :  your Outsystems Doc url here

if you don't your files to be uploaded to Office and are okay with a little formatting issues and Need Open source solutions

File Converters :  (Universal Office Converter )

Preview Generators : 

Viewers :