Courses Attended - OutSystems Badges


I've noticed a new profile badge is maybe arriving: Courses Attended. Received an email after completing a track / course, saying in the profile a new badge would appear (see image). However it's not there yet, is this a new profile feature almost available to our learning community?


Hi Marco!

Yes, you should be receiving this badge. :) I've heard from the digital team that the fix should happen next week! So watch for that new badge to show up. :)



Hi Marco

yes, it is a new feature that we are working on and it's not completed. Very soon you will have the entire experience. thanks for the heads-up



Hi Ana & Jenifer, Still not able to see this course completed badge unlocked after completion. Is this still work in progress?

Hi Anand,

You should receive this badge either for completing the Developing Web Apps Course or Developing Mobile Apps Course.




I have not received the badge after completing the web developers course. However if I click on the link below the badge, it takes me to the course which states that it is 100% completed... see attached images.

Thank you