[Geo] Why is there "Geo" and "GeoServices" espaces?

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Published on 13 Sep (7 days ago) by Justin James
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Published on 13 Sep (7 days ago) by Justin James

These espaces seem virtually identical, I don't understand why there are both?


I believe it is because some different consumers in the Forge were using one and not the other... so some of the Forge solutions had to be manually installed/refreshed if everything was merged within one of the modules. But agree that this doesn't make a lot of sense.

Any insights from the community of which of the two modules (Geo vs GeoServices) you use more often? 

Willing to refactor the component to move everything to the most common, and go through some of the common consumers to refactor/refresh the dependency.


This component Geo was recovered by Vera Tiago following my post in this topic:


In that topic, in this reply, I indicate that the espace GeoServices.oml can be removed and we will be able to deply the application, although with some warnings.

I believe that the espace GeoServices.oml can, and should, be removed but the Team responsible for Geo should validate this.

--Tiago Bernardo