WebPatterns\UI FLows\Development\CSS component

Does anyone know how to use the WebPatterns\UI FLows\Development\CSS component?  Glancing at it there does not seem to be any functionality in it minus a placeholder for description.  There is a sibling development component name JS that has a property named Javascript where the the JavaScript goes in addition to the description placeholder.  I am not seeing a CSS or Style property on the CSS component.


Hi Erik,

You are right doesn't seem to have any functionality I would say you can use it to have the CSS tag and on the description placeholder put the expression with the css you want. But to be honest I just prefer to have all the css classes in the theme and change the class accordingly on the elements you want to have dynamic css.




Thanks for verifying!

I just found the JS component and really like it.  Much better looking than my existing JS CSS standby of -ServiceStudio-background-color: yellow;  My UIs in ServiceStudio now look more like the VisualStudio Asp.net designer with all the JS Components hanging around uptop in the OS Header webblock.

I actually had a good use case for a function CSS component in a custom component that was a wrapper of a open source jQuery plugin:

  • A CSS component for the imported minified jQuery plugin css.
  • Separate css components for each OS theme to correct misbehaving plugin css.
  • A CSS component for any customization at the app level.

If I get time I can just make my own webblock and add a CSS property and placeholder to the existing CSS webblock.