Web blocks behaving strange

So, Web blocks have been acting very strange lately. The problem I'm running into is: 

Lets say a web block has a structure as an input. When a button is pressed that lives inside the web block the input structure is completely empty and i'm unable to use the data from the input. I've tried this in two different environments and both of them have the same issue. 

Here is an example:

The struct:

The web block:


Assigning data to the struct:

Struct is displayed correctly:

But a breakpoint inside the button's action reveals this:

Like I said, i've tried this in 2 different environments and both behave like this. 

I've tried adding inputs to the action it self which does not work.

Are you guys familiar with this ?

Hi Tomas,

This is purely about the debugger not showing the values while they are shown on the screen?


Hi Tomos,

Yes one time I also faced similar issue, my structure was not updated properly.It was resolved after restarting service studio.


Manish Pandey


Thank you guys!!!

I have (or I thought so) literally tried everything! Its working as intended now !

Good to hear it shows now Tomas. Weird behaviour, should definitely not work like that. Note however that in general you can't always rely on the debugger, as sometimes the Platform optimizes stuff which causes the debugger to not show what you expect (but in this case, I agree it should).

I was so baffled. I've done 100 functions like this and all of a sudden nothing worked and nothing showed up in the debugger. I've been messing around so much trying to fix this that I must have deleted something that caused the optimization.

again, thank you for the help :)

You're most welcome :) Happy coding!