[JavaScriptManager] JavaScriptManager - OS version 11 - compatibility

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Published on 21 Feb by Shanny Anoep
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Published on 21 Feb by Shanny Anoep


this module is not compatible with OS version 11.


Unknown object 'Espace.Zone_Id' in variable.

Unknown object 'Zone_Id' in expression.





System Entities


Issue: Removed the Zone and Zone_Server system entities, as well as the "Zone_Id" attribute from the Espace system entity.
Upgrading a module in Service Studio will remove any dependencies on these entities and attribute. You will get validation errors if these deleted objects were being used.

Runtime: Mobile, Web

Rationale: In OutSystems 11 the concept of Zones has been replaced by Deployment Zones and these system entities and attribute are no longer used.

Workaround: None.

Can you provide a solution?

Thanks for letting me know. I've fixed the issue and published a new version.