Linking Layout x Menu web block when on different modules/espaces(OutSystems UI)

Need some help on solving this problem faced:

We are scructuing Outsystems for developing and integrating some very large enterprise solutions.

As best practices we decided:

Create an enterprise theme module based on OutSystems UI;

Create an application template using this theme;

Create some screen templates(OutSystems UI);

Create an Live Style Guide based on custom theme for live evolution and guide;

We decided to maintain consistence between this enterprise apps e centralize any common Layouts, screens and flows like Login, etc on THEME as the templates are used only on app creation and any mistakes or design evolution requires fixes on all apps;

We used the many courses and training materials to make this decisions.

the problems faced and the tryings to solve:

1) If the Menu web block stays on Theme and Laytout too them it's not possible to add items to menu on apps created by new custom template;

      If moving the Menu to template module then many other screens(normally under common flow) depends of it, breaking the proposal to move them off template module;

We enrolled on these: from Scott Karabin Silk focused from Daniel Reis

After open and compare Silk themes vs silk templates and where it placed layouts vs menus and the videos above..

We faced a wired thing on trying separate theme and template only on OutSystems UI: On new application created based on our new template the relations of new app theme, based on our base theme, the theme wrapping Layouts and menus, etc. When creating a new screen this screen stay without menu block even using base Layout on our custom theme.

Then a download the ACME Style guide app from forge and see how it solve this desired separation. It was making exactly we were, but there the new app generated gets it's menu working as expected.

This video has the content related to ACME app from forge:

So I opened the eSpaces of OutSystems UI, Template_Side and find the same concept trying to understand connetion between Layout and Menu and realized that now on OutSystems UI they are togheter on template module.

My questions regard this are:

Is it a bug?

What is the correct form of linking layouts/web blocks and placeholders when on different modules/Espaces?

I didn't found any references on how this works.

Reading the new screen templates for Outsystems UI we sow that on having different layouts between app and screen template modules the placeholders were compared simple by name and we don't know if it apply to Layout placeholders,web blocks and theme config linking them.

Sorry for the long history.

If you want help us and need more to understand or scenario let us know.




After reading that some placeholder names have special meaning and tratament:

I see that apps created based on OutSystems UI have the placeholder for menu in LayOut web block named NavigationMenu and on Silk it was just Menu as the docs stated.

After renaming my placeholder on Layout on my custom theme ALL WORKS FINE NOW!!

Glad to share with you,

Hope Outsystems fix this.

Glad you were able to find the solution