Retrieve the name of the environment

Hi all !

I have a simple / stupid question ...

I have 2 Outsystems platform: an Intradev + an Intranet.

Can I get the name of the environment where my page is running ?

I would like to distinguish the two ...

Thanks !


Hello Luca,

I think that GetServerName() from Richwidgets will solve your issue.

Best Regards

Hi Paulo,

I already tried it, but it returns me an empty string ... maybe I did something wrong ?

Hello Luca, 

you are using that action in an email or timer? Apparently, it will not work on those flows.

Another thing you can try is the action GetMachineName() from the HtmlRenderer xif.

Sorry ... I forgot to tell you ...

I tried it in a process (I would like to schedule it)


Just try the GetMachineName() from the HtmlRenderer xif and tell us if it worked for you.

Best Regards


great !

GetMachineName() works fine !