Database returned the following error 'Invalid Object Name 'InvoiceUpload'

Hi All - I'm getting a "We're sorry but there was a problem obtaining preview data - Database returned the following error 'Invalid Object Name 'Locations'"

Existing tables in DB are OK.

This now happens when I created a table in SQLSMSExpress through extension in Integration Studio that I then publish. When I try and add the table to an aggregate, this is when I get the error while it is fetching data to preview. 

 entity are available at espace

trying to add invoicefile entity in aggregate for preview i am getting below error

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Hi Arkyadeep Bharadwaj,

Is there a database table called InvoiceFiles on your database server?... seems like you are mapping your entity to some table that is not there.

Integration Studio does not create any database tables, it only allows you to map existing database tables to an OutSystems (External) Entity, so you can access them from within your OutSystems modules.

Extensions should be used for integration with existing databases (that already have their own data model previously defined), if you want to create tables to use in OutSystems applications, you should define your Entities in an OutSystems eSpace Module and let the platform handle creation and maintenance of the underlying database tables.