'DateTime' data type required instead of "Date Time'.

Hi there,

I came accross a funny, I am building a test for a piece of code where I want to iterate over a week's dates and see the outcome.  I created a structure with a single value field of type Date Time.

I want to append the dates to a list of the structure that I just created by adding days to the initial date and then adding the counter(Integer) to it so that I can choose as many days as I want.

This is what I get:

Am I missing something?

Dates in your code is a List of the type DateTime-structure; you are trying to add a 'Date Time' value to a list of DateTime. 

Simply change the Dates local variable to type List of Basic Types Date TIme and remove the structure DateTime.

Yes and no,

It's because of the structure.

You can either fix it by changing the "Dates" to a list of "Date Times"

Or you need use a local var of that specific struct.

Normally it would provide you a mapping, but that only works if you are using records/structs to map.