Unique Id generation in text format in outsystems


We are trying to connect to other db from outsystems. "Id" of that db is in "Text" format. How to generate "Unique Id" in form of "Text" in outsystems. Is there any way to resolve this issue?

Hi Melody,

You can use a guid for that purpose. There is a system action to do that. Check this document.



Hi Melody,

There is no equivalent to Auto Number for Text Identifiers. The closest you have would be a UUID (there's a GenerateGUID() action available in the platform - check the (System) module). You can also come up with your own algorithm that guarantees you create unique identifiers, of course.

Also, when integrating with an External Database you would define that Text column as the identifier of the entity, which will automatically make it a Text Identifier and tells the database to enforce the uniqueness of its values.