insert data into list and its list

Hi all,

Currently am framing request for my soap Service,

the issue which am facing is to insert the data into the list and its list.

here, am having a local variable with "Interaction Info Record List type"

was try to assign the for those attributes and also for the DocumentGrp List which is available in  "Interaction Info Record List type" itself. when i try to list append.

the data which is assigned to the Interaction Info Record List type only appending the DocmentGrp data was not appending into the list.

even tried List Appped All


You will need to append a Record on the parent structure and only after that you can append the records in the inner list.

Hope this help


And.. if you want to update an existing element (record) on parent, do you need to use its that target on listAppend, not a new element/var.