I have an app where users fill out a status report every day for a construction project. The screen begins by asking the user to select a date and a project for the status report. There is an on change trigger when selecting the project to fetch weather details, project description, and make sure there is not already a report for that date/project combination. When testing the app in a browser, it works fine. However, when I install it on a device, the on change trigger is properly updating the project description and the weather details, but the project changes back to the default value and if the user doesn't notice this and select it again, the submitted report will not have a project associated with it. Note this only happens the first time they change the project, after that it seems to work fine with each change.

There is no logic that seems to be causing this issue and it doesn't happen in the browser. How can I troubleshoot this problem? The problem happens on an iPad that I'm using for testing.

Hi Jared,

Don't know if it's the case, are you sure that you have the required information in the device if you are using local storage.

Also when things like that happen to me I always try to debug the application, sometimes it surprises us.

Hope this help


It appears to have been caused by the automatically assigned "ontouchstart / OnScrollEnding" event handler. I simply removed that event from the dropdown and the problem ceased.