Influence Autofill of browsers

Hi there,

Browsers use the html name attribute to autofill data that users have typed before on similar fields. However outsystems creates rather cryptic names for that html attribute  like :


This results in a lot of mismatches and thus the user needs to clean out the fields before filling them with the right data. Or even worse they insert wrong data.

Is there a way where we as developers can leverage on the standard without fighting against the OS framework too much?  



Hello Robert,

I don't think so, as each browser does this in their own way, with slightly different rules.

Any new standard brought by HTML5 will most probably not be implemented by all browsers (old browsers), like the new options on Autocomplete attribute, that you may want to give a try, but I think you will have to implement input by input (no generic way, I think).

In general, I disable the autofill and define default values based on business rules, but I underatand this is not suitable in some situations (more generic public and information, for example).


You can give your input fields the autocomplete attribute. This attribute can hold the value of the field you wish to let the browser autofill.

For example, setting autocomplete = name will ask the browser to autofill a name value.

Here's a nice list:

We wanted to over rule the autocomplete browser behavior across nearly all of our form inputs. I found the quickest way was to add something like this in an expression in a weblock and then add it to the bottom of each screen..

SyntaxEditor Code Snippet

inputs = document.getElementsByTagName('input');

inputs[i].setAttribute('autocomplete', 'off');