BPT - Task SLA and escalation

I understand we have the start date, due date present in BPT. But do we have the option to escalate to supervisor/supervisors [user role] if the SLA is violated.


Hello Vinoth,

Can I point you to the BPT master class? 


Are you trying to do some application using BPT or are you trying to see if OutSystems BPT fits your needs?


Hi Vinoth,

I advise you to see the master class that Eduardo point.

If you want to see some use cases application you can see this video about BPT from ODC:





Scale Queries over Process Entities

This article provides some insight to process APIs, let me do the learning with these APIs.

I am trying to learn the features of the tool for diff BPM requirements based on my experience with BPM projects.


The BPT master class and the use case applications are very helpful in understanding the basics of the concept. But is there any demonstration of a use case where we can capture an event whenever a Human activity is Due?What happens when the Due Date expires? Is there any event which we can capture? I am not able to find such a use case in the master class or documentation. Could any one guide me on this?

My use case is to send a notification email to the user (who is responsible to complete the Human activity) that your assigned activity has crossed its due date and user should attend it.


Vinay Rawat

This may help..   

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