[Vibration Plugin] Vibration Plugin does not work when screen is off

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Published on 11 May by António Pereira
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Published on 11 May by António Pereira


I have an app which connects to a Bluetooth (BLE) sensor and monitors the data received and vibrates the device when the readings exceed defined limits. I am using the "Vibration Plugin" to cause the device to vibrate, however the vibration fails when the screen in off. Is there some way to get the device to vibrate even when the screen is off? 

Note: I understand this library is based on the Cordova plugin and the screen off behaviour may be limited by this. I am open to alternative solutions. Previously I was able to achieve this when developing in native android code.  

This happens because the Outsystems applications are not purely native. This means they run like a website in the form of an app. Because of that, you don't have access to the application once it is shut. Exception made for the notifications that can be received by the application.