Hello everyone, what is the best way to do platform installation on an application server that is in version 10. two server deployment controller + frontend and frontend.

Has anyone installed version 11 had any problems?

Hi Dianne,

I had done the installation of OS11.No such big problems occurred. Make sure you take backup of all applications. and follow the checklist. Please find the checklist in the attachment.

Hope this will help.




Hi Daianne,

Have look of procedure to upgrade from OS 10 to 11. 

1. Check whats new in OS 11


2. Verify before upgrade any breaking changes.


3. After that you need to upgrade 3 things in order, 1. Platform Upgrade 2. Development tools 3. Modules.

Hope this helps.




The Lifetime Management Console (Release Mar.2019) installation for version 11 is compatible with the Windows Server 2012 R2 operating system, as well as the Platform Server? Or you need to upgrade to windows server 2016

This is what we like to know as well. Do we really need to upgrade to Windows server 2016 or can we proceed on 2012 R2.