outsystems export source code for code Scanning


Now I'm facing a problem.

I have implemented a mobile app and a website for my Client with outsystems.

And now they need to have the source code for code scanning.

Is there have anyway to perform this event.

Please help


The scanner function is a Cordova plugin. You can find the source code and documentation on GitHub.




Hello Kant Chan, 

Are you asking about how to extract the source code for the application you developed as your customer wants to scan/ evaluate it ?

If yes, then my understanding is that you get the source code only when you end your subscription 

Check out the below documents 

No Lock in

Detach Process The process of detaching the source code from the OutSystems environment to run it independently. 

However I have also heard that for legal/ compliance purposes, OutSystems does share the source code. 

Please get in touch with OutSystems support for further information on this. 

Hope it helps !!! 



Yup if the client asking for Source-Code i.e a ref of Cordova Plugin then you can share the Git Repo used.

While if it is more often a source-code then what Amal had mentioned is valid for the same.


Noted with Thanks all!

Hi Kant,

Were you able to get the source code for your applications?

I am too in a similar situation.

I have recieved the source code from one of my client which i am supposed to scan using Fortify. The code structure is different from the regular applications built using visual studio. Is there any way we can extract the visual studio solution (.sln) file for the code?