Como obtener fecha actual del sistema y guardar en base de datos

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Tengo una consulta, tengo un formulario de creación dentro tengo un campo llamado fecha de registro que debe ser la fecha actual del sistema, quisiera saber como guardar la fecha del registro del sistema en la base de datos MySql.


There is a function call CurrDate() or CurrDateTime() that you can use to get the current date of the system. You just need to save the date that this action returns in the database or show in the screen.

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I would like to set the data date record in red in the mysql database
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Jasmin, you should try to do the 3-day course of web development in OutSystems.

On your Save action, find the record that is saved (the one sent to CreateOrUpdateOportunidad).

Right before that CreateOrUpdateOportunidad, do an Assign. Set the field FechaRegistro of such record to CurrDate().