[Image Compress] A generic error occurred in GDI+

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Published on 2018-12-31 by Salman Ansari
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Published on 2018-12-31 by Salman Ansari

I was trying to use this plugin for a Mobile application, but it's giving the error "A generic error occurred in GDI+".
So I've been searching and all the posts that I found say basically the same, you may not have permissions to save the image in the Path you are trying to write to.
I even tried changing the Path:

from -> //string imagePath = cls.Server.MapPath("~/App_Data/Compressed_" + fileSuffixfix + ".jpeg");
to -> string imagePath = cls.Server.MapPath("~/" + fileSuffixfix + "Compressed.jpeg");

But the error continues to occur, so I can only conclude that I don't have any permissions to write in any path? Do I need to do something more to make it work in mobile?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Will update component for latest version soon with all the help file to use it