How to install client SSL/TLS certificate in Outsystems environment


I am trying to consume a SOAP service which is enabled with SSL/TLS certificate. How to install the certificate in Outsystems cloud environment. What are all the steps involved in this installation ?

Do I need to install the certificate in the IIS front end server where the applications are actually hosted in Outsystems cloud environment ? How to access that server in this case?  

What happens when I add a new certificate in Service Center --> Administration tab --> Certificates --> Add New Certificate by mapping a cert file path there and saving it?



Hi Karthik,

Here is the official document for SSL installation.

I don't know your agreement with OutSystems but, normally you can't configure SSL on your cloud by yourself. You must contact to OutSystems support. They can arrange for you because probably you don't have access to connect to the server with the remote desktop connection.

Best Regards.