[Azure AD Mobile Plugin] azure AD Mobile Plugin: retrive data but can't log in.
Forge component by Pedro Costa
Published on 16 Jan 2019


I'm trying to use Active directory to log into a mobile application, but apparently it get's the data right but still can't log in, here's the steps I followed:

I created the application as the steps here, but I'm not sure of the replying url I used, I tried tentantname/applicationname, or myoutsystemenviroment.com/myapp name, so I'm not sure what to use here.


Second thing I configured the application as shown here:

Do logIn as following:

I even add this in the site property of the AD application:

I'm generating the application when testing it and regenerating it again if any changes happen, is there any further solution or configuration I should do. Thanks a lot.

Hi Abeer,

I haven't tried using this component but may I kindly suggest to take a look on the IdP mobile component as well.

And also try to check if this will also be useful to you.


Thank you and kind regards,