Hello everyone, I'm having a problem using autocomplete, it's not bringing the data apart, it's all on the same line.

hi Rolando Gómez I did this step by step, but also did not work yet the same error continues.

Hi Daianne,

Can you provides us with a sample OML with the above problem? it seems like you're not building the auto-complete list correctly but it is hard to figure out exactly what might be cause for that (are you doing the correct mapping between your Aggregate's List Record type and the Input_AutoComplete_ListEntry type?).

Hi ,

Attched is the sample oml.

Hope this helps you!!

Hi Daianne, 

Wich version of the Platform server do you have?

Hi Felipe Souza platform server version and Version 10.0.1005.0 

Hi Daianne, 

Is it possible for you to upgrade to the platform server version 10.0.1005.1?

We had a similar problem at our software factory recently and the upgrade solved it.